Video Conference Omnidirectional Microphoneconference Microphone Echo Canceller USB Free Drive

Sale price$75.00

Color: black


* Ideal for group conference, free internet call and music enjoyment.  
* Support Skype, uucall, MSN, Alicall, QQ, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, eyeBeam, X-Lite, X-pro, VoipBuster,VoipDiscount, VoipCheapCom, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, SparVoip, InternetCalls, NetAppel, Poivy, FreeCall, WebCallDirect, VoipRaider, SipDiscount, sipgate, IPphone,vonage, UBIFONE, VoipWise, net2phone, imTEL  


* HI-FI amplifier and high-quality speaker.  
* Due to 48KHz sample rate, it can present CD-quality music and high fidelity sound.
* Full-duplex conversation, crystal clear voice.  
* Built-in DSP for echo cancellation and noise reduction.  
* Adjustable volume and mute control.  
* Convenient for private conversations with ear-phone.  
* Ideal for travel because of small size and light weight.  
* Compatible with USB 1.0 & 2.0, no driver required.  
* Compatible with Mac and PC.  
* No external power required.  
* USB power and mute microphone LED indicator.  
* Volume+, volume-, mute speaker and microphone buttons.  
* Built-in driver and sound card.  

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