USB Condenser Microphone Computer Desktop Live Recording Wired Microphone

Sale price$39.00

Color: Black 3.5mm

Product information:

■ Omnidirectional-Pick up sound
The sound from all directions of the microphone can be picked up in a balanced manner.
■ High sampling rate-restore clear sound
Excellent restoration of every note, accurate capture of vocal signals, clear and crisp treble, stable midrange, deep bass, no lag or delay.
■ Noise reduction upgrade-sensitive pickup
Good noise reduction effect The internal use of high-quality anti-corrosion circuit, highly processing the input human voice and environmental noise, accurate output of human voice.
■ USB interface-plug and play
The USB cable is equipped with a magnetic ring to prevent interference caused by current impact when plugging and unplugging the cable, preventing electromagnetic interference in the space and making the transmission more stable.
■ Can be connected to various devices-compatible with 99% computer live broadcast software

Compatible with a variety of computer versions of live software, karaoke, game play, live broadcast, chat, record, and play the audience.

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