Smart RGB Night Light Water Droplet Sprayer Humidifier | Itech®

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Color: White
Electrical outlet: USB



Innovative Anti-Gravity Design:

Creates an optical illusion of upward-flowing water droplets, offering a mesmerising and futuristic visual effect.
Alleviates daily life and work stress.
Compact yet powerful, with a 350ml water capacity for 8-10 hours of continuous operation in 20-30 square metre rooms.
Ideal for large rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, homes, offices, and plants.

Intelligent Auto Shut-Off:

Equipped with a smart water level sensor for automatic power-off when water is depleted, ensuring safety and preventing damage.
Easy to refill the portable water tank and clean, promoting convenience.
Wider diameter water tank facilitates easier maintenance, enhancing hygiene and extending the humidifier's lifespan.

Cool Mist Air Humidification:

Utilises upgraded ultrasonic mist technology for instant moisturisation, creating a comfortable and breathable atmosphere.
Relieves discomfort from dry noses and throats, contributing to overall well-being.

LED Atmosphere Light:

Functions as both a cool mist maker and a seven-colour night light, serving as a charming night companion.
Adds a soothing ambiance to rooms, doubles as a decorative piece for homes or offices.
LED light enriches surroundings during relaxation or sleep.
Product Information:
Power Type: USB
Colour: White
Shape: Round
Material: Plastic
Applicable Object: Family
Operation Mode: Mechanical
Function: Ambient light
Reservoir Fluid Capacity: 0.5-1L
Size: 23523880mm
Packing List:
USB Charging Cable
Certificate x1

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