Professional Laser Guided Scissors

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Are you still worried about never being able to cut a straight line? Our sharp laser-guided shears provide an absolutely straight cutting line.



*Crisp and smooth
*Laser guidance
*Precise cut
*Long-lasting battery (included)



[Sharp and Smooth]

The stainless steel scissors are quite sharp, so it's easy to cut through thick fabrics, papers, and more. It is designed according to human mechanics and is easy to use and comfortable to hold.



[Laser guidance]

The laser beam makes your thread cutting much easier. They work perfectly for accurate straight cuts following the projected line of the built-in laser. There are 2 screws on the side to adjust the laser.


[Long battery life]

The laser scissors include 3 new LR44 button cell batteries, which can use 1000H+ and simple battery replacement.


[Widely used]

These scissors make a wonderful addition to your craft room, home, office, etc. and cut faster than any other scissors available. Great to use it for fabrics, paper, and anything that requires a long cut.

These professional scissors cut straight and precisely in no time at the push of a button.

Our laser guided scissors are easy to use, light touch operation makes them ideal for people suffering from arthritis.

Cuts faster than any other scissors available. Use for crafts, gift wrapping, fabric, and more.


How to use
Carefully remove the scissors and point the sharp edge of the scissors downwards.
Press the button on the right side of the scissors to turn on the laser light.
Adjust the laser by turning the two screws on the side of the unit until you see the laser line up with the blade.
Before cutting, make a mark on the opposite side of the paper or fabric to be cut, place the material on the work surface, place the lower blade of the scissors on the surface and align the laser with the mark on the opposite side, cut carefully while keeping the laser aligned with the mark.

How to change the battery
On the side of the button there is a "cross" sign (A)
Turn counterclockwise to open and remove old batteries.
Insert 2 new LR44 button cell batteries with the positive end facing down, then turn clockwise to close.

Color: Black 
Net weight: 104g
Package weight: 119g

Package content:
100% new
1 x New Laser Guided Scissors


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