Emergency PowerPod Ultra-Compact 1500mAh

Sale price$23.90

Color: Black
style: Android

Out in the field and suddenly left without power on your device?


Supercharge your devices with our Portable Charger for a turbocharged battery boost. It's the perfect companion for tablets, mobile phones, wireless speakers, e-readers, and other USB gadgets. Crafted to withstand even the harshest conditions, our charger is waterproof, drop-resistant, and dustproof, making it an essential for outdoor enthusiasts. Its compact and portable design ensures hassle-free power wherever your adventures take you.


Clip it on and get on the move with the built-in Carabiner. Attach the included carabiner to your backpack, belt, or any secure loop to keep your energy within reach. Stay fully charged no matter where you roam with our trusty adventure companion. It easily fits into your bag, purse, or backpack, guaranteeing convenient power at your fingertips. Compatible with a wide range of devices and boasting a powerful 1500mAh battery capacity, our charger is the ultimate energy solution for all your gadgets.


Product information: Additional features: Super thin and light Category: General purpose Application type: Conventional mobile power supply Battery type: Square aluminum case Cell type: Polymer lithium-ion cell Case material: Plastic Power capacity: 1500mAh Size: Compact and portable Conversion rate: Efficient charging Charging power: Fast and reliable



  • Convenient key ring design for easy carrying
  • Expansion plug for plug and play compatibility with various mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets
  • No data cable required, simply plug in and charge


Packing list: 1 Portable Battery

Note: The provided specifications and features make our portable charger a versatile and reliable solution for all your power needs. Its compact size and durable design ensure that you'll always have power on the go. Order now and experience the convenience and reliability of our Portable Charger!









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